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Emilio A. Rodriguez

Born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba in the late 1930s, this artist was introduced to his passion at the tender age of 8 with the gift of his first camera; an Ansco camera brought from New York for him by his loving father.

The reality of life in this time and place made his pursuit of his burgeoning passion very difficult. This soon to be unwilling immigrant would find himself struggling to make a living in Puerto Rico, one of the more beautiful canvases of the Caribbean. His success in business would soon afford him the opportunities to further develop his expertise in photography.

Finally moving to Miami, ER establishes his art first with his family, becoming the unofficial family photographer. Every familial rite of passage is recorded with photographic excellence and soon combined with the technology of the modern computer to elevate ER to the status of family historian and digital photographic expert.

Today, with his newly acquired status as a retiree, ER turns his eye and camera lens towards his new passion; digital photography. With inspirational subjects as his family and the natural surroundings enjoyed in South Florida, ER has a plethora of targets for his favorite instrument of art, his Nikon camera.

ER has established himself in the field of photography as an innovative and imaginative professional. He demonstrates his creativity through his photographic impressions; ranging from subjects of a fragile nature, where he captures the delicate intricacies of a flower in bloom and extending across to surreal-like landscape images, seemingly captured on worlds far, far away.